Art Galleries

In Elkhart County, the galleries are filled with the well-crafted work of our homegrown artists. From classic, mid-century pieces to multicultural works from around the world to something handmade you can take home and put on your shelf to enjoy for years, here you can meet the artists, hear their stories and pick out your own personal masterpiece.

Goertzen Pottery

To find a piece as unique as you, make time to stop by Goertzen Pottery in Goshen. Mark Goertzen has been creating well-crafted pottery full time since 1989, and like a fine wine, his work gets better with age. He works with porcelain and stoneware clays, and each piece is one of a kind. And while his work does pay the bills, Mark believes each little work is part of a bigger picture, saying “Pottery is my way of building community. Because handmade objects carry the spirit of the artist, pottery connects us to one another in ways that mass-produced objects can’t. My pieces bring beauty to everyday life, and perhaps the greatest reward is building relationships with the people who take my pots into their lives and homes.”


Looking for something unique from the other side of the country or the other side of the world? You’ll find it at Found in Goshen. Founded in 2000, members of this family-owned gallery travel the world and bring back the most authentic treasures from around the globe. This three-story gallery turns variety into an art form. Midcentury modern art and furniture in one area, turn around and you’ll find world-class iconography in another. Owners Ann and Keith Graber Miller aren’t just collectors and curators. They craft their own pieces as well.  Ann’s original watercolors are on display, as well as her family’s creations of pottery and paintings.

Bradley Vite Fine Arts

Elkhart native Bradley Vite has an eye for art, what’s good, and how much it’s worth. Bradley Vite Fine Arts is home to what’s regarded as the finest art gallery in the region.  You can find pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as works from artists in Brown County in southern Indiana, plus pieces from southwest and animation masters.

Museum of American Art

For a look at Americana as we’ve seen it since childhood, stop by the Midwest Museum of American Art in the heart of downtown Elkhart. From pop art to Rockwells, their permanent collection includes hundreds of works collected over four decades.

And More …

If you want to shop around and see what the makers of Elkhart County have to offer, you should check out Coppes Commons in Nappanee and The Old Bag Factory in Goshen. Both are historic buildings that host a variety of vendors, including the work of some of our best artists. A short drive to Middlebury is worth the trip to check out the Middlebury Mercantile and The Mill. Be sure to visit their websites to see which shops are there and their hours.

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