RV  Manufacturers

Elkhart County manufactures one of every two recreational vehicles on the road today. How did it all begin? Wilbur Schult, a dynamic promoter and retailer, bought Elkhart’s Sportsman Trailer Company from Milo Miller in 1936. Schult was such a promoter that by 1939, he was the largest manufacturer in the industry and Elkhart was beginning to attract lots of suppliers and more manufacturers. In addition, Elkhart’s major highways and railroad transportation links and central location to large metropolitan markets made it accessible for easy shipment of goods. By the late 1940’s, when things began to boom again after the war, industry magazines began calling Elkhart the “Trailer Capital of the World”.

As an RV enthusiast you will enjoy touring local RV factories and visiting the RV/MH (manufactured housing) Hall of Fame in Elkhart.