Weather, Climate & Time Zone

Come rain or shine

Climate Facts

Northern Indiana enjoys four distinct seasons of weather. Sun-drenched summers perfect for outdoor activity. Crisp, harvest-festival autumns. Cold snow-day-fun winters. And cool, bloom-ready springs. It’s an ideal all-season destination.

Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time – we observe Daylight Savings Time

Monthly averages for the Elkhart County Fairgrounds

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 31°F 36°F 48°F 61°F 73°F 81°F 85°F 82°F 76°F 64°F 50°F 36°F
Avg. Low 17°F 20°F 29°F 39°F 49°F 59°F 63°F 61°F 54°F 43°F 34°F 23°F
Precipitation (in) 1.84 1.27 2.73 3.38 3.39 4.05 3.49 4.97 3.58 2.89 2.83 2.67