Vendors & Exhibitors

Connect with our RV Capital communities and add depth to your rally with local speakers, presentations, demonstrations, services and exhibits.

RV Rally Exhibitors

Throughout the RV Capital you’ll discover a variety of businesses and service providers that welcome the opportunity to connect with your audience. Many have had great success with past rallies as trade show vendors and exhibitors.

RV Rally Activities

Add value and variety to your rally itinerary with locally-themed classes and demonstrations. It’s a great opportunity to learn from local experts. Our activities convey the pride of hand craftmanship—hallmarks of Amish Country & the RV Capital. For details and arrangements, contact the demonstrators directly.

RV Rally Speakers Bureau

Round out the rally experience for yourself and those traveling with you, with specialized presentations on our region’s unique culture and heritage. Our local experts host casual discussions or hands-on activities that are interesting and entertaining. Choose from a range of topics, spiced with fun facts and lively conversation. It’s a great opportunity to explore the RV Capital beyond the RV experience.

For more information contact

Destination Sales Manager

Jessica Risner

Destination Sales Manager