Flea Market Shopping

You didn’t know you needed it, and now you can’t live without it. That is the flea market experience summed up in a sentence. The true shopping explorer revels in immersing themselves among hundreds of vendors. Sometimes you’re looking for something very particular. Other times, you just move from booth to booth, trusting that when you see something, you’ll just know!

The flea markets of Elkhart County, Indiana are filled with local craftspeople selling their wares. Maybe you want homemade soap. Maybe you’re in the market for a handcrafted welcome mat or sign for your home. If it can be made, it can likely be found here. No trip through the Elkhart County region is complete without at least one stop at one of our inviting shopping bazaars.

Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market

Flea market aficionados worldwide flock to the one, the only, Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market. With nearly 1,000 booths, this place is a maker’s dream and consumer’s paradise. One booth may hold the perfect purse, while another has the sunglasses you’ve been hunting for.

Want to have a little fun art made with your pet or favorite niece as the subject? You can find an artist on-site to do that for you. There’s plenty of produce, too. Someone’s herb garden may have just the right ingredient you’ve been searching for to take your pasta from ordinary to extraordinary. This place really does have it all, and the booths just scratch the surface of what you can do here. There is a horse and other livestock auction, tons of homemade food offerings, and plenty of antiquing.

Seasonally, you can shop the Ship-Chic markets twice a year. The Fall Show is around Halloween, and the Holiday Market is right after Thanksgiving, when you can also check out the Lights of Joy.

And there’s no need to leave if one day of shopping isn’t enough. There’s an RV park on the grounds, or you can book into the Farmstead Inn across the street. The inn has a wide variety of room options, so whether it’s just you and a friend or the extended family getting together for a weekend reunion, this place has you covered.

Happy shopping!