Amish Style Restaurants

Amish culture harkens back to a simpler time, but the hard-working families of the Elkhart County Amish community are far from simple, and that certainly includes their meals. The values they live by are reflected in their craftsmanship, from the food they serve to the table you sit down to eat at.

You might hear a lot about farm-to-table food. In Elkhart County Amish country, you experience it. Authenticity is a hallmark of Indiana’s Amish. Like their furniture, families, and faith, their food never takes shortcuts.

As you drive, bike, or walk through on your journey, you’ll likely find little shops and restaurants not on the map. In fact, many Amish homes sell their goods, including farm-fresh foods, right from their property. You’ll recognize these spots for the “shingles” they hang out by the road. Blink, and you’ll miss it. It’s these delicious little surprises that will keep your eyes peeled, and motivate you to turn down a road because you never know what you’ll stumble across.

Hoosier Banquets

Hoosier Banquets is an Amish legend around here. The family-run business is known not only for their food, but also their stories, culture, and way of life.

From families of four to banquets of up to 80 guests, their space can accommodate both. So if you’re bringing your office for a retreat, or organizing a long overdue family reunion, Hoosier Banquets is a must-book. All the meals are served family-style, so be ready for passing bowls and serving trays, as well as getting to know your tablemates, laughing a little more, and smiling a little wider.

Afterward, the family may sit down with you and share dessert, coffee, and stories of their lives and heritage. If you have the time, they may even give you a tour of their home. Hoosier Banquets offers Hoosier hospitality, Amish style!

The Carriage House

Handmade, quilted tapestries adorn the authentic wooden walls inside The Carriage House in Topeka, IN. Large picnic tables line the floor. And while the tables are big, they fill up fast with families, food, and memories in the making.

The restaurant can serve groups of up to 120 people and can hold events, including wedding receptions. Their exclusive dishes are not served elsewhere, but people talk about it well outside Elkhart County. No matter how tempting it may be to get seconds (or thirds!) of your favorite dish on the table, be sure to save room for dessert. The pies are worthy of taking an extra piece for the road, and the cinnamon rolls have quite a following.

A Taste of Shipshewana

A Taste of Shipshewana also serves up family-style Amish food and a little educational extra. If you come with a group, they’ll put on a cooking demonstration. Hopefully, you can pick up a couple of tips and tricks to recreate your meal when you get back home!

Don’t have a large group? Be sure to visit on a Wednesday when they put smaller groups together. What better way to take a break midweek than to mix, mingle, and meet new friends over food you won’t get anywhere else?

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