RV / MH Hall Of Fame & Museum

RVs and mobile homes... that’s how we roll! Did you know Elkhart County produces over 80% of all RVs built in the U.S.? The RV/Mobile Home Hall of Fame and Museum located in Elkhart is a celebration of life on the road.

There’s something about the independent spirit that comes from rolling from town to town day by day or season by season. Today’s RVs and mobile homes have come a long way from the early days, and that’s all on display in the museum’s Founders Hall. Step through the doors and step back in time. Trailers and other authentic memorabilia from as far back as the 1920s are on hand to show you how far we’ve come and, maybe, pine for the good old days.

You’ll see old school motor homes that resemble the design of an ice cream truck, and leap forward from tent campers to the luxurious ‘glamping’ models on the roads today.

Once you’ve finished your history lesson, move on to Exhibitors Hall. There you can learn about what makes the whole thing go, getting a look under the hood without getting oil and grease all over your hands. You can learn all about the options and add ons that make the experience uniquely yours. If you don’t own an RV now, that doesn’t mean you won’t have one in the future. After a trip through here, you’ll have a good idea of what questions to ask, make sure you get what’s right for you, and know what makes a good deal.

And then there’s the slogan. We’ve all seen it and we all know it: Go RVing. It’s a phrase that changed an industry, made RVing accessible and appealing to a whole new generation. Here you can see the vintage ads and mega murals celebrating the slogan. You can also do side by side comparisons of today’s models versus vintage vehicles.

This version of the museum moved in 2007 and is huge compared to the last place. There is twice as much exhibit space and it feels very welcoming. It celebrates more than a century of adventurers hitting the open road, long before there were wide, easy to navigate interstates.  And this place knows its audience. The parking lot has plenty of pull-thru spaces up to 65 feet long. The RV/MH HOF and Museum is a pilgrimage for seasoned travelers, first-timers, or simply, the curious.

And there is plenty of space to hold your big events. The Northern Indiana Event Center can host parties from a dozen to more than 1,000 people. From small business meetings, a convention, even a wedding, they can accommodate your needs. There are plenty of hotels in the area for those who decide not to ride in their own, personal hotel room.