Well Crafted Champions

Elkhart County’s artisans and entrepreneurs take what they create with their hands and their know-how seriously. It’s a point of pride that their creations stand the test of time. Handmade quality and craftsmanship aren’t buzzwords here. 

From hand-thrown pottery to savory and spicy tacos and enchiladas, from finely crafted sculptures to aromas of roasted coffee beans wafting through a coffee house, Elkhart County is full of exceptional experiences and meticulously made art. Our makers’ stories are as unique as their handmade creations.

Bonneyville Mill

Bonneyville Mill’s steward, Courtney Franke, is the latest in those preserving the craft of stone-ground milling. The mill is a part of Elkhart County’s history, but also its present and future thanks to his work and the Elkhart County Parks.

Mark Goertzen, Goertzen Pottery
Mark Goertzen’s pottery is both beautiful and functional. His journey as an artist started unexpectedly but he’s now part of a vibrant and collaborative arts community in Goshen and the Elkhart County area.

Sunday Mahaja
Sunday Mahaja’s distinctive sculptures can be seen all around Elkhart County in public places, art shows and galleries. Learn about how he developed his love of sculpture as a student at Goshen College and why he’s made a home in the city of Goshen.