The Quilt Gardens joins quilting, gardening, and art into a one-of-a-kind, free event featuring more than a million vibrant blooms in gigantic gardens, and hand-painted, super-sized murals.

Quilt Gardens locations. Just enter the address in your favorite map app on your mobile device for easy directions to each location. 


City of Elkhart

Take Heart Garden
Downtown Elkhart
300 S. Main Street. (Waterfall Drive & Franklin Street), Elkhart


Crystal Mural
The Lerner Theatre
410 S Main St., Elkhart


EEC Butterfly

Spread Your Wings Garden
Elkhart Environmental Center
1717 East Lusher Ave., Elkhart


Aurora Mural
Elkhart County Visitor Center
3421 Cassopolis St., Elkhart


Ruthmere Museum 2024

Discovery in Bloom Garden
Ruthmere Museum
302 East Beardsley Ave., Elkhart




Abshire Park

The Sunburst at Abshire Garden
Abshire Park
1302 East Lincoln Ave., Goshen


Elkhart County 4H Fair 2024

Rising Dawn Garden
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds
17746 CR 34, Goshen


Elkhart County Courthouse

Goshen: Many Beautiful Parts Garden
101 North Main St., Goshen


Hopes and Wishes Mural Goshen Chamber 2024

Hopes and Wishes Mural
Goshen Chamber & Visitors Center
232 South Main St., Goshen




Blazing Star Garden & Double Wedding Ring Mural
Das Dutchman Essenhaus
240 US 20, Middlebury


Dutch Country Market

Peace & Plenty Garden
Dutch Country Market
11401 CR 16, Middlebury


Krider Gardens 2024

Krider Garden Box Car Garden
Krider World’s Fair Garden
302 West Bristol St., Middlebury


Country Patriotic Flag Mural
Martin Ace Hardware
103 Crystal Heights Blvd. Middlebury


Starburst Mural Middlebury Chamber 2024

Star Burst Mural
Middlebury Chamber of Commerce
201 South Main St., Middlebury



Farmhouse INN 2024

HIS Indian Sunburst Garden
The FarmHouse Inn B&B
1061 Parkwood Dr., Nappanee



Around the Block Mural
Topping Dental Group
102 West Market St., Nappanee


Nappanee Center 2024

Tracking Our Beginnings Garden
Nappanee Center
302 West Market St., Nappanee


Grandmother's Flower Garden Mural
Nappanee Center
302 West Market St., Nappanee


Pinwheels and Ribbons of Hope Shortstop Inn Mural 2024



Pinwheels & Ribbons of Hope Mural
Shortstop Inn
112 East Waterford St., Wakarusa


Wakarusa 2024

Full Blown Tulip Garden & Clara's Flower Garden Mural
Downtown Wakarusa
116 South Elkhart St., Wakarusa



Trapunto and Applique Mural Bonneyville 2024

Trapunto and Appliqué Mural
Bonneyville Mill
53373 County Rd 131, Bristol


Starry Night Mural Elkhart Civic Theatre 2024

Starry Night Mural
Elkhart Civic Theatre
210 East Vistula St., Bristol


Elkhart County Historical Museum 2024

Burst of Joy Garden
Elkhart County Historical Museum
304 West Vistula St.(SR 120), Bristol

Maps, Resources & Info

Is there a map of the Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals?

Yes, here is a map that shows the Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals locations, names, and location address.

If you would prefer a quick list of the Quilt Gardens and Murals addresses click here.

Quilt Gardens Map

When can I see the Quilt Gardens?

The Quilt Gardens are viewable May 30 - September 15 each year during all daylight hours. Elkhart County is on Eastern Standard Time which means in summer time, daylight can mean perfect garden enjoyment as late as 8 or 9 p.m. each evening. Many people like to go back to their favorite site to see them at different light and times of the day. 

Learn more about the quilt gardens.

Are the Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals all in one location?

No, they are not all at one location. The Quilt Gardens and hand-painted Quilt Murals are spread throughout the cities and towns of BristolElkhart, GoshenMiddleburyNappanee, and Wakarusa along the Heritage Trail in Elkhart County.


How do the Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals look right now?

The Quilt Gardens are planted on May 30 and are then what we lovingly call “baby gardens”. As the summer season heats up, and the inevitable rain & heat hit, the gardens fill in, grow and become just gorgeous and filled with surprises.

Our volunteers work hard with each of Mother Nature's challenges to provide you the best experience and are committed to pattern appreciation and view ability. What’s neat about this event, is one garden is having some challenges, keep going to the next one on the Heritage Trail.

They are all at different stages due to soil content, weather, and local environments. For real time info give the Visitors Center a call at 800-262-8161 for today’s garden update. The Quilt Murals always look fabulous! We hope you enjoy them all!

Are the Quilt Gardens Accessible?

Quilt Gardens are best experienced from the walkways and lawns surrounding each site's location. Some Quilt Gardens can be viewed from your vehicle, but that does not provide the optimal experience. A few Quilt Gardens locations provide viewing platforms accessible by a handful of steps. Most Quilt Murals are visible from the car or sidewalk. 

What are the addresses for the Quilt Gardens?

Just enter the address in your favorite map app on your mobile device for easy directions to each location. You can also download the map for the Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals,

Quilt Gardens location addresses

Is there an admission fee for the Quilt Gardens?

All Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals are viewable free of charge so plan to stop, get out, walk, and enjoy at each stop. Read the signs, take a picture and share using #quiltgardens. Breath in the fresh air and enjoy nature and art for free.

I have an urgent question about the Quilt Gardens

If you have an urgent questions about the Quilt Gardens or need help, please call us at 800-262-8161

A look back at the 2023 Quilt Gardens