Elkhart County Is Well Crafted


The first recreational vehicle was built in Elkhart County 120 years ago. And it remains the leader in RV manufacturing accounting for 80% of all RVs built in the U.S. We continue to be proud of the Well Crafted RVs made right here for the world to enjoy.

Our handmade welcome mat is always out for RVers to bring their RV back to where it was made. While here, you can immerse yourself in authentic experiences, charming communities, and meet the friendly people who make up our communities.


Fun Experiences


Heritage Trail Audio Driving Tour

An Experience for all Seasons

Let the Heritage Trail audio driving tour be your personal guide to must-see attractions, special finds and behind the scenes glimpses of Amish life. Traveling along lively Main Streets and scenic backroads you’ll find surprises at every turn and soon discover why it was voted the top USA Today Reader’s Choice and editors of LIFE® consider it one of “America’s Most Scenic Drives.” Best yet, the Heritage Trail audio driving tour is absolutely free!