When you're planning your trip to Elkhart County...don’t leave your four-legged friend at home. Vito the Boston Terrier is livin’ his best life in Elkhart County and you and your pet can too. Check out a few of Vito’s adventures and start planning you and your pet’s today!

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Vito is planning his perfect day in Elkhart County!

Vacation Planning Vito


Walker Park, Elkhart

All the cool dogs hang out at Walker Park!

Walker Park 1 Vito



Flavor Freeze, Elkhart

Vito loves to “be” and eat ice cream at Flavor Freeze!

Flavor Freeze1 Vito


Bonneyville Mill County Park, Bristol

Bonneyville Mill is Vito’s favorite park!

Bonneyville Mill Vito


“I wish I brought my fishin’ pole!”

Bonneyvill Mill 2 Vito


There are so many great trails to explore!

Bonneyville Mill 3 Vito


Bonneyville Mill has the best tasting sticks!

Bonneyville Mill4 Vito


Congdon Park, Bristol

Vito also loves walks in Congdon Park

Congdon Park Vito


Fruit Hills Winery, Bristol

Vito can add a wine guard dog to his many talents.

Fruit Hills Winery Vito


Das Dutchman Essenhaus, Middlebury

This Essenhaus is getting ready to be Vitohaus! Is anyone watching?


Window shopping...  “I’ll take those awesome socks!"


Vito loves all the dog lounging places on the Essenhaus grounds!

Vito Essenhaus Grounds


Pumpkinvine Nature Trail

Vito’s favorite mode of transportation from Middlebury to Shipshewana is in his Doggyhut on the Pumpkin vine!

Pumpkinvine Trail Vito


Blue Gate Restaurant and Theatre, Shipshewana

First stop…Blue Gate!  “I wonder if anyone has dropped cookie crumbs around here?"

BlueGate1 Vito


So many great places for a doggy to explore in Shipshewana!

Blue Gate1 Vito


“Such nice people in Shipshewana!  They put some water out for me!”

Shipshewana1 Vito

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