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Demolition, Destruction and Revitalization

Nappanee’s downtown has seen many different looks and businesses over the years. Demolition, Destruction and Revitalizing explores the town’s disasters by fire, tearing down, and what is being done with some of the older buildings in town. Find out more during our virtual walking tour.

Demolition, Destruction and Revitalization -

Entrepreneurs, Pioneers and Trailblazers

Nappanee was built on the foundation of trailblazers. If not for those pioneers who happened to be entrepreneurs too, Nappanee would not be what it is today. Entrepreneurs, Pioneers and Trailblazers explores those pioneers. The oldest family owned jewelry store, bakery, Nappanee’s very own telephone company, Elkhart County’s largest general store, and Nappanee’s first hotel are included on this tour, including the men and women behind them. How could a jewelry store that has had 4 generations of owners still be around today? How did Nappanee come to have a telephone company? Where was the first hotel located? What restaurant in Nappanee had the first air conditioning in Indiana? Find out more about these pioneers during our virtual walking tour! 

Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, and Trailblazers

Homes of the Kitchen Industry

Ever drive through Nappanee and notice some of the beautiful homes that are speckled along US 6 in the Historic East District? Ever wonder what their stories are and who built them? Homes of the Kitchen Industry takes you through Nappanee’s Historic East District and you will learn about the Mutschler, Coppes and Zook family homes and the history behind them and the men who built them. Find out more during our virtual walking tour!

Homes of the Kitchen Industry

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