Shadows on the Ceiling

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Shadows on the Ceiling

Artist: Emma Zuercher

Information: Created in 2022; measures 8 to 10 feet tall by 3 to 4 feet wide; weighs 100 pounds; made of welded steel

Description: Emma is a sign language interpreting major at Goshen College. The lines and movement of this piece reflects similar shapes seen in American Sign Language. The lines in the sculpture are like fingers and they move together and around each other like handshapes in ASL. The piece began as an idea and a desire to create movement with a material that otherwise appears very rigid. The individual composition and formal decisions the artist made did not always feel conscious as the sculpture seemed to suggest what needed to be done next without much of her vision or prior planning.

For sale: $1,000

About the artist: Emma is a creator, and her art takes on many forms, often three-dimensional as that allows a tangible interaction with her work. She loves to explore light, shadows and movement. Creating art, especially when making pieces that show movement fills one with joy that dances through her much like the lines in her work.

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