Rocket Science Ice Cream


New! Enjoy a scoop of “out of this world” ice cream from Rocket Science! Each individual serving is crafted from a premium ice cream mix and real fruits, nuts, candies, and sauces, using their own special recipes. It is then quick frozen right before your eyes with liquid nitrogen. It’s the creamiest and the most amazing treat you’ll find anywhere in the US. Choose from one of the following 6 flavors (all gluten free) especially offered for your group ($3.10 for 50 or more and $3.25 for 25-49, $3.40 for 25 or fewer. ADD 7% tax): Sugar Free Strawberry, Turtle, Butter Pecan, Caramel Coffee, Peanut Butter Bash, Pina Colada    

30 minutes
$3.10 for 50 or more single servings, $3.25 for 25-49 people, $3.46 for less than 25 people.  PLUS 7% sales tax, no gratuity required.


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