Expanding Star

  • 131 Tyler St., Council on Aging of Elkhart County, Elkhart, IN 46514



Expanding Star

Artist: Heather Gabel

Information: Created in 2019; measures 6 feet by 2 feet; weighs 150 pounds; made of steel rebar and spray paint

Description: The message of this sculpture is one of hope and brightness. Named “Expanding Star,” the piece should evoke a feeling of happiness and hope for a better tomorrow. The piece came to life because the artist wanted to experiment with creating a form that felt fluid but was made up of straight bars. So, piece by piece, rebar was added until the sculpture was born. Then it was decided that it needed to be brightly colored so was painted light blue, dark blue and salmon/orange. It has been displayed outside the art building at Goshen College.

For sale: $250

About the artist: Heather has been a sculpture artist for four years. Originally from Iowa and graduated from Goshen College, she now lives in Oregon. Heather pulls a lot of inspiration from Iowan culture, specifically farming and agriculture. Her sculptures are made of found and recycled metal scraps, many times including old farming equipment. Heather tries to bring life and energy into the world through colorful pieces, which is the thing she enjoys most about being an artist.

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