Crystal Ribbons

  • 298 Jr. Achievement Dr., River Walk Commons - East Bank, Elkhart, IN 46516



Crystal Ribbons

Artist: Orion Blaha

Information: Created in in 2021; measures 6 feet by 3 feet; weighs 150 pounds; made of welded steel and found machine parts

Description: Crystal Ribbons is Orion’s next step in a series of works rooted in plant forms and will represent a synthesis of recycled industrial materials, flowing, lyrical forms found in nature, in hot, exciting colors. It is to be eye-catching and tickle the viewer’s imagination. This sculpture tells the story of peculiar plant-like structures blooming from cast-off industrial components. Local viewers will recognize some of the recycled and found objects that are part of the sculpture and imagine the life cycle of the alien plants growing from that waste. The organic and geometric forms of wild prairie grasses have informed previous pieces. This sculpture expands on that theme and explores forms from the lichens, mosses and fungus that are also a part of the biosphere. Among these florae there are many extraordinary colors, and this piece will leverage this with exciting and varied colors among the flowers on their long stalks. 

For sale: To be determined

About the artist: Orion takes inspiration from the machines that he maintains and the aesthetics of science fiction and heavy industry. He works to combine this with a fascination with the natural world by coupling science and engineering with the chaotic beauty of nature. Orion has developed this aesthetic focus over the last 12 years.

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