Chief Wa-Ke-De Range



Located in Bristol, Indiana, Wa-Ke-De Range offers several outstanding shooting facilities to promote safety and fellowship for all shooting sports and is Northern Indiana's premier outdoor shooting range.

Sanctioned events include CMP Rimfire Sporter, Small Bore Rifle, High Power Rifle, Plate Shoot, Bullseye Pistol, Cowboy Action, .22 Tactical, Rimfire Challenge, and Steel Challenge.

This range also provides opportunities for informal shooting on its dedicated recreational range with berms placed at 30ft., 25yd, 50yd, and 100yd.

St. Joseph Valley Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. (SJVRPA) owns and operates the Chief Wa-Ke’-De range. SJVRPA is a private member run organization and an Indiana non-profit corporation. The range is restricted to club members, invited guests, and event participants and spectators.

-Main competition range for precision pistol, smallbore and high power rifle with 100 firing points
-Six action bays
-Dedicated recreational range.
-Outdoor venue space for vendors, food, picnicking

Events Hosted:
ASSA Small Bore Rifle National Championship
Indiana State smallbore rifle Championships
Steel Challenge State Championships

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