Acrylic Painting Make-Take

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Program occurs in a building at your campground or a facility of choice. Groups will sit down with local artist, Linda Pieri and be shown painting secrets developed throughout the ages. Linda has taught over 1000 people in the art of acrylic painting encouraging them to “not just look at what you are drawing or painting, but to see what is really there.”

In this one-hour session, you will be able to observe a demonstration and follow step-by-step instructions that will help you create your own masterpiece. This is not a paint by number situation. Linda helps each person discover the creative artist inside of each of them. Everything is provided including: easel, canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, brush basins, palettes, and paint clothes.

Acrylic paintings are on 5”x7” canvas board postcards. Everyone leaves with a finished painting that they will be proud of. One subject per class – to be
chosen by group leader prior to class. (Available subject matters will be given to group at time of booking)

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