Wellfield Botanical Gardens

Wellfield Botanic Gardens isn’t just another place to be checked off a list, it is something to be absorbed, savored, experienced.

Its mission is to celebrate the relationship between water and life while inspiring lifelong learning and respect for the natural world. Here you can walk around the serene lake, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and experience the world the way it is meant to be experienced. It is an opportunity for the senses: a breath of fresh air, colorful plants, a quiet that is only disturbed by chirping birds (or maybe a child playing nearby).  A couple of hours at Wellfield Botanic Garden is true nourishment for your soul.

While spreading out over 36 acres, this is much more than one big garden. Like nature itself, Wellfield is continually a growing work in progress. There are up to 25 themed gardens, each lovingly crafted and setting the mood and opportunity to learn. Half of the property is the pristine lake, the kind of reflective water you can get lost in just by staring at it.

Savor the Seasons

Wellfield changes with the seasons not only in the life of its plants but in the events offered.

January through March they offer Weekly Wellness Walks where you learn about nature’s surroundings while fighting the winter blues.

On the first Wednesday of the month, you can experience Sound of the Environment, a discussion about wellness, sustainability, and quality of life.

Wednesdays and Saturdays you can stretch your body and your mind with Yoga In the Garden.

Autumn rings in cooler days and brighter leaves with the Symphony Garden Tour.

While winter seems like it would be a slow time, Wellfield Botanic Garden doesn’t let up. If anything, they do more! The dark cold days are brightened up with Winter Wonderland Holiday Lights.

Don’t complain about winter... celebrate it! In February, when we’re all getting tired of the cold and snow, they host Winter Celebration Day.

And on January 21st, they are big supporters of National Squirrel Appreciation Day. It’s not an official holiday, but, please, don’t tell the squirrels.

Located in the heart of Elkhart, Wellfield Botanic Garden was conceived in 2002, and construction began in 2006. The property has been a source of hydraulic energy and drinking water for the city since the mid 19th century.

Host an Event

And while Wellfield offers a chance to find a few moments of peace alone, it can also be a site of celebration. The friendly staff is happy to help host your wedding and/or reception. Imagine the pictures that will sit on your mantle and social media feeds! They also welcome private parties, celebrations of life, and corporate events and retreats.

Wellfield Botanic’s most popular gardens for events include the English Cottage Garden, the Waterfall Garden, the Event Garden, and the Island Garden.

If you’re looking for peace and serenity or a place to celebrate, Wellfield Botanic Garden is a natural choice for making memories.