St. John's Episcopal Church


Established in 1895, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Elkhart, Indiana, has been a classic example of Gothic architecture for over one hundred years.  The church’s floor plan is in the shape of a cross. Its many features include; a square bell tower, beautiful stained glass windows illustrating parables, a Victorian brass filigree pulpit, a bracketed vaulted ceiling with suspended finial acorns and carved grape clusters.  A focal point is the beautifully paneled and carved altar which is framed by reredos.

Be sure to look behind the reredos to discover the magnificent world class Casavant pipe organ.  A work of art itself, St. John’s houses many fine examples of superior wood craft as well as twentieth century art.

Special for groups, have a potluck lunch catered by the Welcoming Committee of the church for some homemade yummy treats before or after your tour.

30 – 90 minutes with lunch
Free tour with donation option
$15 per person including tax for potluck lunch for groups

Contact:  Margery Paulen, Volunter

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