• 124 S Main St., Goshen Historical Museum, Goshen, IN 46526




Artist: Olivia Krall

Information: Created in 2021; measures 7 feet by 2 feet; weighs 150 pounds; made of recycled materials, primarily steel

Description: This piece was chosen to be displayed because the top portion of the sculpture is created from recycled farm equipment. Olivia felt like this reflects part of the history and culture of Elkhart County. Additionally, Olivia grew up visiting the Quilt Gardens and other locations these sculptures will be located, so having her work there would be personally significant for her. The piece has a rhythmic and organized base with the stacked square figures. The base provides a strong visual foundation for the sculpture that allows for the freer expression of the top portion. The key theme of this sculpture is creativity needs a strong foundation.

Not for sale

About the artist: Olivia began sculpturing in May 2021 and quickly found a passion for working with scrap metal. She has always enjoyed art but never felt like any medium was the right fit until starting welding. The immediacy of welding and its ability to break the rules of other materials are the very reasons. Olivia is drawn to 3-D art. Finally, like many other artists, she finds that sculpture is a creative outlet that uses a different part of her brain.

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