Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Company “Popcorn Olympics”


Compete against your teammates/group friends and family members in this fun, interactive game by Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn in Goshen.  Race the clock, test your skills, and munch on freshly popped Original Movie Theatre flavored popcorn kernels as you have fun.  Some games are independent, some in teams of 2 or more. All are led by the Shirley’s Popcorn staff and coaches complete with supplies and instructions.  Your group Olympics include:

  • mouth toss-start together and take one step back if make it. 

  • popcorn toothpick swap- move one piece of popcorn in another bowl. timed

  • straw blow-see who can move it the farthest with straw

  • toss up- toss piece in air and catch in mouth. most catches win in the timed amount. 

  • distance throw. 

  • cup catch- throw and catch with cup

Winning teams receive their medals too.  Bronze Medal Winners (3rd place) - receive one ½ gal. Filled with Buckeye flavored popcorn.  Silver Medal Winners (2nd place) - receive one gal. Filled with Windy City flavored popcorn and Gold Medal Winning Team (1st place) - receives one 2 gal. sampler Filled with three bestselling flavors of Buckeye, Cheddar, and Caramel To Die For popcorn, enough to share! 

Classic Flavor Game - $10 pp incl (adults or children) with small bag of either Windy City or Jelly Bean flavored popcorn bags for each person

Premium Flavor Game - $13.50 pp incl (adults or children) with one small bag of either Buckeye or Flavor of the Month popcorn bags per person

Contact:  Kate Steury Leaman, Owner

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