Que’ Soy? XI

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Que’ Soy? XI

Artist: Joel Lara

Information: Created in 2021; measures 7 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet; weighs 150 pounds; made from steel metal and spray paint

Description: This piece is a mid-century modern architectural sculpture that I believe fits the theme of Epic Art Adventures. It stands tall close to 7 feet and the colors are vibrant, like a traffic light - there is no way you’ll miss it.

The inspiration that this sculpture conveys or hopes to convey to the public is a new way of looking at architecture. It’s an abstract way of seeing a city layout, a skyscraper, or a planet with revolving moons. This piece is up for interpretation. The creative process to bring this piece to life started a little over a year ago when Joel was deciding how to start building a portfolio for architectural school. He had taken a couple of sculpture classes and was loving the process and learned the skill of how to weld.  Joel got hooked on the creative and design aspect of creating sculptures using recycled materials. 

For sale: $777

About the artist: Joel is an art major at Goshen College. Generally, his media of work is three-dimensional and specifically sculpture or ceramics. Lately what has inspired him is the stories of people battling with mental illness (depression, anxiety, food disorder, etc.).  He has struggled, and still struggles with this personally and he wants to bring awareness and positivity to this illness.

Joel’s vision for his art is to provide a way for others to see the good in life and the good in the struggles that we all face. Life is not easy and even waking up every day is an accomplishment already. Joel loves being an artist, because he feels he is free to go into his own little world and bring people in. Artists can express themselves without having to speak because their art speaks for them. He has been a sculptor for since 2018.

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