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Artist: Haley Kirkton

Information: Created in 2022; measures 5 feet, 10 inches by 3 feet; weighs 150 pounds

Description: Haley loves the holes in the Monstera plants, and they are still healthy. She also likes the concept of things being a little bit random and chaotic but contained inside of a leaf. Pieces of whole and half circles of metal are welded together to be shaped like a leaf.  Each leaf was then filled with different round pieces, and all welded together to make a full plant.

For sale: $1,000

About the artist: Haley is largely inspired by plants and living things around her. She enjoys using art to unwind from intense daily work. Haley also enjoys knitting, jewelry making, clay work, and painting, and started sculpturing in 2021. She enjoys the ability to be creative and the contrast from her daily life, which is very calm and carefree.

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