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Artist: Tuck Langland

Information: Created in 2010; measures 6 feet by 3 feet; weighs 300 pounds

Description: This woman stands for the best a mother can offer her family. She is the matriarch of the family who will accept nothing but the best from her children — or for her children. Her standards are high, you know what they are, and you are expected to live up to them.  

Not for Sale

About the artist: Harold “Tuck” Langland is a maker of monuments, an accomplished medalist and portrait artist, author of two best-selling books on sculpture instruction, Professor Emeritus, world traveler, international educator, Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, choral singer in the United States and abroad, raconteur, Academician of the National Academy Museum, father, and grandfather. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of virtually anything related to art — whether contemporary, prehistoric, ancient, Indian, or otherwise. An expert on every subject I have ever discussed with him, he shares his knowledge with passion and delight. He is a natural teacher, and he’s not slowing down; Langland creates and 

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