Lincoln Highway Association

2024 Lincoln Highway Association Conference
JUNE 23 - 28, 2024 | Elkhart, Indiana

The journey IS the destination

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Sunday/Monday June 23-24 Pre - Conference Caravan, Dyer to Elkhart

Monday, June 24 p.m.

Hotel check-in, Conference registration 1:00-4:30
LHA Board Meeting 2:00-4:00
Book Room 1:00-5:00 and  8:30-10:00
Welcome event, Wellfield Gardens   6:00-8:00

Tuesday, June 25

Heritage bus tour (east) 8:00-5:00
Highway/Byways  tour (west) 8:00-5:00
Book Room 5:30-9:00
Private collection of Elcars, pedal cars 7:00-8:30

Wednesday, June 26

Membership buffet 7:00-7:45
Membership meeting 8:00-9:30
Membership group picture 9:35-9:55
Dr. Luke Gascho presentation 10:00-10:45
Daniel Hershberger presentation 10:45-11:30
Luncheon  11:30-12:15
Lerner Theater Tour 12:15-1:00
Dr Gregory Maassen/Michael Owenpresentation   1:15-3:00
Dr. Maassen presentation 3:15-4:00
Andy McCaskey presentation 4:00-4:30
Book Room 5:00-9:00
Amish Dinner at das Essenhaus  6:00-8:00

Thursday, June 27

Heritage and Roads tours like Tuesday
LHA banquet 6:30-8:30

Friday, June 28

Post-Conference Caravan, Elkhart to Auburn 8:00
Creager Smith open house 5:30-8:00

Saturday, June 29

Post-Post-Conference Caravan, Fort Wayne to Chicago via the Yellowstone Trail

View Detailed Agenda Here



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