Concoctions & Confections Along the Heritage Trail

Your SENSES will come alive on this TASTY tour where you get to be hands-on and devour delicious treats.

Your senses will come alive on the Concoctions & Confections Tour. Enjoy live demonstrations and indulge in the home-cooked delights from authentic Amish kitchens. Sip Fair-Trade certified brews roasted on-site, or wines fresh from a local vineyard. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of artisan soap-making using local ingredients. Twist your own pretzel while savoring the fresh-baked origin story of Amish artisans.


Noon - 3:30 p.m. Lunch at Maple Indian Kitchen

[Soft drinks or different beverages other than water and Mango Lassi are extra]
Here at Maple Indian Cuisine, you will enjoy great authentic North Indian cuisine. Indian Cuisine is distinguished by its sophisticated use of spices and herbs and the influence of the long-standing and widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Food is an integral part of India ‘s culture, with cuisines differing according to community, region, and state. Indian cuisine is characterized by a great variety of foods, spices, and cooking techniques. Served family style in bowls to each individual table. Guests may ask for more as wish of any dish (except for Mango Lassi). Menu includes Naan bread, Rice, Cucumber Salad, Butter Chicken, Veggie Korma, Mango Lassi beverage. Soft drinks extra.

Following lunch enjoy the fun of vibrant downtown Goshen [pricing varies based upon activity below]
Your group will be broken into smaller groups to rotate thru each stop making it easier to hear, see, learn, taste, and
enjoy. Local ambassadors meet your group at the Maple Indian restaurant. Tips are appreciated for the ambassadors.


Stops and options are:
Olympia Candy Kitchen Shopping for Chocolates served to Presidents 

The Olympia Candy Kitchen has been welcoming visitors for almost a century in its unchanged location in downtown Goshen, Indiana remaining a family run business, passed through 4 generations over 100 years. All their candies are handmade from scratch including the famous Turtles, which are made with their own home- made caramel, plus the famous Chocolate-Covered Cherries, which were so popular that they were served at the Inaugural Balls of both President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush. They also offer a wide variety of the highest quality hand-dipped sweets, such as creams and chocolate covered peanuts plus a great selection of gummy candies, jellybeans, licorice, and other non-chocolate treats.

Popcorn Olympics at Shirley’s Popcorn Classic Flavor Game

Compete against your teammates/group friends and family members in this fun, interactive game by Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn in Goshen. Race the clock, test your skills, and munch on freshly popped Original Movie Theatre flavored popcorn kernels as you have fun.

Choose Three games for your group Olympics (in advance) - group should be divided up into pairs of 2 to make up each team
plus full bus divided in two halves PRIOR to arrival - so one half goes to Olympia while other half plays with popcorn
and then they switch:

• mouth toss (or cup toss if preferred) - start together and take one step back if make it.
• popcorn toothpick swap - move one piece of popcorn in another bowl.
• straw blow - see who can move it the farthest with straw.
• toss up - toss piece in air and catch in mouth. most catches win in the timed amount.
• distance throw - see how far you can get your popcorn to go.
• basket toss - see how many popcorn pieces you can make in the bucket.
The Winning Team (two winners per team, four winners per tour depending on tour size if split).
Will receive a 1/2 gallon tin of ANY flavor of their choice as their “Gold Medal” prize!

Soapy Gnome Concoction of Handcrafted Soap 
Welcome to an independent shop in Goshen, Indiana, specializing in handcrafted soap and body care products. Soap made with locally crafted beer. Soap made with local fresh pressed apple cider. Soap combining Lavender with herbs. These and many more interesting and unusual concoctions make up her handcrafted and aromatic soaps, lotions, body bars, oils and more. Her cozy and warm welcoming shop Is filled with great things to shop and enjoy!

Goshen Brewing Company Afternoon Beverage Break [on their own]
Goshen Brewing Company is a 100% solar and wind-powered family-friendly brewpub serving a wide selection of beers and seasonal, local, farm-to-table food. Inspired by the quality and the range of beer styles available, Jesse Sensing, the owner and brewmaster, meticulously develops brew recipes including IPA’s, ales, stouts, and sours. Homemade sodas, locally roasted coffees, and teas are also served. The dining menu includes Southern-style smoked food combined with a bit of Asian influence

Electric Brew Gourmet Coffee Shop Coffee or Tea Concoction 
The Electric Brew, a Fair-Trade Certified Coffeehouse, values a robust cup of coffee, so what better way to achieve that than to do our own roasting? They believe that the coffee producer should be paid a fair trade for his or her product. They specialize in coffees with stories including women owners/producers, a longtime family-owned farm, and an amazing co-op from Mexico. Knowing the story behind the coffee makes the coffee taste so much better. We care just as much about the producers of our quality coffee as we do about those who drink it. Today your group members will get their own personal choice to concoct their own personal beverage.

4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fruit Hills Winery Wine Tasting PLUS Old Hoosier Meats Appetizer Trays

David & Michelle Muir invite you to join their family inside their wine tasting room in the scenic fruit hills of Bristol. Featuring several varieties such as Riesling, Cabernet and Traminette (Indiana’s signature wine). Your group will be seated under the new open-air pavilion sampling 5 different wines while hearing direct from David, the Vintner, as he shares the history, tones, and notes of each wine. Buckets will be on each table for those who wish to discard any wine they wish not to taste or finish. Assorted Cheese, cracker and meat trays will be offered to compete the experience. After your tasting, shop for a bottle to take home, buy a glass of your favorite, or simple enjoy the view and the conversation.

Check-in at your host hotel

Middlebury Tour Group

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. In-home Amish meal plus Cooking Class at Yoder’s Banquets
Dine in Carolyn & Henry Yoder’s home in their banquet hall overlooking the country pond. Enjoy the traditional family style dinner served to the table in large bowls and platters. Carolyn will show you personally what’s in her secret mashed potato recipe to keep it from being lumpy plus insights into baked chicken and the famous peanut butter cream pie! Her concoctions are tasty and will be a highlight of your tour. (Dinner first, cooking class following)
Return to your host hotel following your evening experience.

6:30 a.m. - 9 a.m. Breakfast at your host hotel

8:45 a.m. Meet your guide in the hotel lobby


Rocket Science Ice Cream

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Concoctions & Confections along the Heritage Trail Backroads Tour

Meet your local guide who will introduce you to some of the makers of creative foods, products, treats and more all found along the Heritage Trail. Optional stops to be timed/routed by the guide based upon final selection:

Amish Cinnamon Roll Demo inside an Amish home 
Taste, watch, learn and enjoy this demonstration into the secrets of making the amazing soft cinnamon rolls. You’ll get the recipe to make your own confection at home plus rolls to eat on site and take home to enjoy.
Ice Cream Treats & Historical Feats at Coppes Commons, Nappanee [ice cream treats on arrival from Rocket Science - small serving (big for a small size)

Nappanee’s colorful history comes alive when touring Coppes Commons. Originally the factory for Coppes Cabinets that once produced the famous “Hoosier Cabinet,” the 100,000 s.f. renovated factory now houses a variety of small businesses perfect for shopping for locally made, hand crafted and fresh baked. Groups are given a fascinating historical glimpse into the Coppes Kitchens on this self-guided tour, once ordered by Frank Sinatra and President John F. Kennedy, while touring this rustic and rambling brick structure. Then enjoy an “out of this world” ice cream that is flash frozen right before your eyes at over 320 degrees below zero from Rocket Science.

Ben’s Pretzels Make your own Pretzel demo

Bens Pretzels was founded in 2004 by Ben an Elizabeth Miller an Amish family from Shipshewana Indiana, needing to provide for their family. Ben and his wife, 3rd generation Amish bakers, spent years perfecting the Amish/Dutch dough recipe that makes a perfect soft pretzel. Today your group will enjoy a short presentation highlighting Ben’s story and history of the company followed by an opportunity to roll your own pretzel, watch it being baked before your eyes. OPTIONAL: Lunch is served buffet style and features pretzel pockets (3 varieties including chicken bacon ranch, pepperoni pizza, and cheese) with a tossed salad and beverage plus your pretzel and dipping sauces.

Amish jam/jelly maker 
Spreadable confections in a jar are this Amish family specialty! Welcome to the home-based business of this Amish family who specialized in sugar free jams/jellies in interesting combinations. Rhubarb Blueberry anyone?


Annie Oakley Perfume

Annie Oakley Perfumery Studio Tour 
It’s a concoction for the senses! Learn the enchanting story of how a fragrance and its brand is born on this fun adventure through this perfumery. Meet perfumer and owner Renee Gabet as you take a walking tour thru the perfumery process including the
bench lab where fragrances are created and blended to bottling and distribution.

See perfumes being hand-made and have an amazing sensory experience including some rare and vintage essences. Sample more world class fragrances and essences in the gift shop after your tour and perhaps even create your
own signature personalized fragrance just for you!

Depart for South Bend
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Indiana Whiskey Company Tour, Tasting & Shopping 
At the Indiana Whiskey Company, you will discover the rich history behind this delicious spirit. The intoxicating tour of the tasting rooms and production floor, lasts for 30-45 mins and throughout the tour, you will not only learn the way bourbon is created, from start to finish, but you will also learn about the long history of Whiskey and where it began. Each station during the tour provides you with a hands-on experience, full of knowledge and fun. Because the owner of is a Veteran and a Notre Dame graduate, the company is deeply rooted in Irish and Notre Dame culture. The end of the tour allows for customers to become a distiller themselves and get involved in some of the chemistry of making bourbon. You can use a hydrometer, proof your own bourbon, bottle, label, and number, and then you can take the bottle home that you created. This family owned and operated company is deeply rooted in the history and culture of Indiana, and all their products (bottles, barrels, and grains) come from Indiana. Time included for
shopping or additional cocktail purchases/enjoyment.

Depart area for home


NOTE: Prices subject to change without advance notice.

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