Weekly Pub Run-Goshen Brewing Company

  • 315 W Washington Street, Goshen, IN
  • Presented By: Goshen Brewing Co.
  • Dates: September 1, 2022 - December 29, 2022
  • Recurrence: Recurring weekly on Thursday



Ready to "Earn Your Beer?"
Fleet Feet Mishawaka is bringing you fun Pub Run experiences in the Michiana region!
Goshen - Thursdays @ 6:30pm **NEW THIS YEAR!**
Beginning Thursday, March 17th, our weekly Goshen pub runs begin!
The Goshen pub runs will follow the same points system as the South Bend pub runs, though the points will remain separate.
Meet behind Goshen Brewing Co. on the millrace for a 4 mile out-and-back run/walk.
Stay afterwards to enjoy food and a drink with the esteemed Goshen Brewing Company.
How to earn points:
Upon your first visit to our weekly Pub Run during 2022, you'll get signed up for the points system. Below is a list of what you can do to earn points:
Attend the Fleet Feet Mishawaka Thursday night Pub Run = 100 points
Bring a friend for their 1st visit to the Pub Run = 150 points
Wear a Fleet Feet branded item with you to the run (only one item counts) = 25 points
Attend the monthly special event at the Fleet Feet Mishwaka Pub Run (more on that below) = 100 points
Points will be assigned at 6:30pm to those present and fulfilling any of the other criteria. Make sure you are on time to secure your points!
Every 3rd Thursday, we will be hosting a special event at the Pub Run each month. This event is to highlight some of our local partners and national vendors. We'll make events through Facebook and if we have your email, you'll be kept updated. Expect to see and get some cool things for these events!
What you'll earn:
Once you reach a certain threshold with points, you'll get some free swag from us! The points accumulate over the course of 2022 and you'll unlock each prize as you go along. See below for the list of prizes and the point tier associated to them:
550 points = A free drink! ($5 gift card to local pub)
1100 points = $10 coupon to Fleet Feet Mishawaka
1650 points = A "Hydration Sampler" from Infinit Nutrition
2200 points = A free pair of performance running socks from Fleet Feet Mishawaka
2750 points = Goodr Sunglasses from Fleet Feet Mishawaka
3300 points = A Fleet Feet Trucker Hat
3850 points = $15 coupon to Fleet Feet Mishawaka
4400 points = 30 minute session in Normatec Boots @ Fleet Feet Mishawaka
4950 points = Fleet Feet Pub Run T-Shirt
5500 points = Special Treat...TBD!
6050 points = Fleet Feet Sweatshirt
Person with the most points (beyond 6,600 points) at the end of the year gets a trophy!
How to redeem:
We will email you your reward each time you pass the appropriate point threshold. Point totals will be tallied 24-48 hours after a Pub Run. If you pass a threshold, you'll be getting an email with instruction to pick up your prize. That's all there is to it!
The Safety Procedures:
Upon your first visit to the Fleet Feet Pub Run, you will be required to sign a waiver