The Midwest Sportsmen Classic

  • 455 East Farver Street, 455 East Farver Street, Shipshewana, IN 46565
  • Presented By: Michiana Event Center
  • Dates: 2/16/2023, 2/17/2023, 2/18/2023
  • Time: 2/16/23; 1pm-8pm, 2/17/23: 11am-8pm, 2/18/23; 8am-3:30pm
  • Price: Admission



Tickets starting at $10.00


  • Feb 16th, Thursday 1p.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Feb 17th, Friday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Feb 18th, Sat 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

All things outdoors will be at this show. Learn proven methods and new techniques in hunting, fishing and all things outdoors! A variety of expert guest speakers will be presenting seminars on: turkey hunting, deer hunting, tracking, plot management, fishing and more!

We’re working with a Hunting Magazine, that will be collaborating on our event for marketing only. You can check out their gear like hunting binoculars, stands, rifles, and other accessories if needed.


Mark Zepp is a nationally known and respected predator caller. He has called Mountain Lions, coyotes, fox and bobcats throughout the United States and produced four award winning DVD's. Zepp's Predator calls are sold in stores like Cabela's, Bass Pro, Sportsman's Warehouse and a variety of independently owned sporting goods stores. He has given seminars on predator calling for the past twenty years and is honored to be a part of the (name of event) where he will be talking about the basics of predator calling and welcoming questions.


We are pleased to have well-known outdoorsman, writer, and master guide to hunters across New England with us at this year’s show.

With his big-hooped 16-inch barreled Winchester, Randy Flannery has been successfully jump shooting hog-bodied whitetails on public land for more than three decades.

Randy cut his deer hunting teeth in the big woods as a young boy, where he learned how to track & stalk whitetails from his grandfather and uncles.

For more than two decades, Randy has been affectively guiding hunters from his lodge, (Wilderness Escape Outfitters), as they pursue the legendary bucks of northern Maine.

Because of the success Randy has had in hunting whitetails and in teaching others the art of tracking & stalking whitetails, he has received notoriety and has had many articles written about him in Field & Stream and several of the nation’s top outdoor publications.

When embarking into the dense boreal forest of the North Country, he is fond of telling his clients, “The thicker the Quicker, the wetter the better.” This consummate tracker/still-hunter knows from a lifetime of experience where the trophy bucks reside and what the best prescribed methodology is to successfully drag one out by day’s end.

Come listen to Randy’s tracking advice, and learn from one of the greatest hunters alive at the 2023 Midwest Sportsman Classic!


My name Is David Ferianc and I am A lifelong Michigan resident. I’ve been bow hunting whitetails for 30 years on public and heavily pressured private land.

My bow hunting journey started like most every hunter and I relied on primarily luck and the occasional magazine article to lead my success (or lack of). That is until I had enough of eating my tags and seeing few deer afield.

I began to dive deep into deer behavior and started reading books written by successful people that shared my circumstances regarding pressure lands. I began to shadow these techniques and create some of my own.

With boots on the ground and paying close attention to detail, my success was evident the first season I implemented these new strategies and I’ve never looked back! I’m a hard core, DIY, saddle toting, pressured land, consistently successful bow hunter now, and I love teaching others what I’ve learned.

Public Land gross booner from 2018

Archery Tag - Open tournament - any age - teams of 5


Feb. 17, Thursday - 1pm -8pm

  • Live Recording of Chasing Giants - 5:30pm

Feb. 18, Friday - 11am - 8pm

  • A&G archery 3D Bow Shoot
    OPEN CLASS starts - 4pm to 7:30pm

  • Legends Debate 6pm

Feb. 19, Saturday - 8am - 3:30pm

  • A&G archery 3D Bow Shoot
    Hunter Class starts @ 9am to 12pm

  • Gun Auction starts at 12pm

Archery Tag - Open tournament - any age - teams of 5

  • 2 Hunting Blinds by Double Drop Hunting Blinds

  • One Day of Habitat Work by TagOut Technique

  • Chartered Fishing Trip by Loaded Rod Charters

  • Black Bear Hunt by Wilderness Escape Outfitters

  • Stevens 320 12 Ga Turkey Gun

  • Stevens 320 20 Ga Turkey Gun

  • Savage 110 6.5 Creedmore

  • Mossberg Patriot 6.5 Creedmore

  • Savage 93R17 17 HMR

  • Mossberg 500 20 Ga Combo

  • Savage Mark 11 22LR

  • Winchester SXP 12 Ga

  • Mossberg Patriot .243

  • Smith & Wesson AR 5.56


Thursday Seminar Lineup

2 pm - Greg Abbas ( Advance Turkey Tactics Made Easy)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

2:30pm - Mike Raber (All About The Swimbaits )
{Seminar - at The Hog Trough}

3pm - Joe Zaffuto ( Predator Calling “Using Night Lights”)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

4pm - Chris Noffsinger ( How To Catch Your Smallmouth Of A Lifetime)
{Seminar - at The Hog Trough}

5pm -Lance Sellers (Rocky Mountain Elk Calling)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

6pm - Don Higgins (Chasing Giants - Live Podcast)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

7pm - Tony Lapratt ( Make Your Property A Social Hub For Big Bucks)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

Friday Seminar Lineup

1:30pm - Gregg Abbas (Advance Turkey Tactics Made Easy)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

2:00pm - Mike Raber ( All About The Swimbaits)
{Seminar - at the Hawg Trough}

2:30pm - Lance Sellers - (Rocky Mountain Elk Calling)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

3:00pm - Josh McDermont (Bladed Swim Jigs For All Scenario’s)
{Seminar - at the Hawg Trough}

4:30pm - Joe Zaffuto - (Predator Calling “Using Night Lights”
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

5:00pm - Andy Buss (Lures To Catch Michiana Bass All Year)
{Seminar - at the Hawg Trough)

6:00pm - “Legends Debate” Don Higgins & Tony Lapratt
{Held in Coliseum}

Saturday Seminar Lineup

9:00 am - Gregg Abbas (Advance Turkey Tactics Made Easy)
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

9:30am - Andy Buss (Lures To Catch Michiana Bass All Year)
Seminar - at the Hog Trough

10:00am - Lance Sellers - (Rocky Mountain Elk Calling)

10:30am - Mike Raber (The Alabama Rig)
{Seminar - at the Hog Trough}

11:00 am - Smokey’s Deer Lure ( Learning From The Hills of West Virgina )
{Seminar - in Coliseum}

11:30 am - Josh McDermont - ( Bladed Swim Baits For all Scenario’s)
{Seminar - at the Hog Trough)

12:00 pm - Tony Lapratt - ( Make Your Property A Social Hub For Big Bucks)
{Seminar - In Coliseum}

1:00 pm - Don Higgins - ( Chasing Giants )
{Seminar - In Coliseum}

Details for The Legends Debate:

Date: February 18, 2022


Time of the Event:  6:00 p.m.


Name of the Debate/Event: Chasing Giants / Legend’s Debate


Description of the Debate:

Join us for a friendly debate between Tony LaPratt and Don Higgins.

A moderator will be present to help facilitate this debate between these 2  legends.


Join us as they talk about related topics, give their opinions and explain their tactics

With each giving their opinion and expertise on themed topics.


• A processing fee will be added at check out.


Please note: You will have three online ticket options for Friday, the 18th:

1. You may purchase a ticket for entrance into the Sportsmen Classic and Legends Debate for $20.

2. You may purchase a ticket for entrance into the Legends Debate only for $10.

3. You may purchase a ticket for entrance into the Sportsmen Classic only for $10.

The online ticket options are only for Friday, the 18th. A processing fee will be added at check out.

All other ticket sales will be at the door.