The Luminous Lightworker - A Certified Cosmic Shaman Course

  • 130 South Main Street, Elkhart, IN 46516
  • Tel: (574) 226-6435
  • Presented By: The Quantum Realm Institute
  • Dates: September 11, 2023 - December 11, 2023
  • Recurrence: Recurring weekly on Monday
  • Location: The Quantum Realm Institute
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Price: $444



This 3 month course is the marriage of Shamanic practices & Starseed modalities and it's coming this fall! It is time to yoke your connection with both Gaia (planet earth) & the Cosmos!
Become a certified Shamanic Starseed Lightworker for only $444! Reading material & other supplies will be provided. 
The 14 week Curriculum:
The Luminous Lightwork 
Transforming through Indigenous Alchemy
Week 1:
 Opening up Sacred Space
 Altar Items
 Books & Pi Stones
 Setting up an altar in your home
 In Class Reading
 Grounding Meditation
 Closing Sacred Space
Week 2:
 3 Levels (Lower world, Upper world, Physical world)

 Directions & Animals
 Shaman Tools• In Class Reading
 Clearing the Memory Virus
Week 3:
 The 5 Great Principles of the Munay Ki• Initiations Begin – The Healers Rite
 In Class Reading
 Garden of Eden Meditation
Week 4:
Chakras & Clearing your Chakras Meditation
 Activating your Rainbow Light Body
 In Class Reading
 The Bands of Power Rite
Week 5:
 Aura Cleansing & Protection
 In Class Reading
The Harmony Rite
 Connect with the Higher Collective Consciousness
Week 6:
 Balance your Female & Male Energies
 In Class Reading
 The Seer’s Rite
 Journey to meet your Power Animal
Week 7:
 Journey to meet your Spirit Guide
 In Class Reading
 The Daykeeper’s Rite
Activate Your Sovereignty
Week 8:
 Discovering your Original Wound
 In Class Reading
 The Wisdomkeeper’s Rite
Week 9:
 Journey to the Chamber of Soul Contracts
 Re-write Agreements
 In Class Reading
 The Earthkeeper’s Rite

Week 10:
 Cord Cutting / Intrusive energies / Entities
 In Class Reading
 The Starkeeper’s Rite
 Journey to the Chamber of Treasures
Week 11:
 Healing through the Consciousness of the Cells
 Neuro-Muscular-Cortical Repatterning
 In Class Reading
 Journey to the Chamber of Grace
Week 12:
 In Class Reading
 Journey to the 5th World
Week 13:
 In Class Reading
 The Creator’s Rite
Week 14: Graduation Celebration Carry-In
Registration is now open! Pre-registration is vital, to order your supplies. Sign up today to reserve your spot! Or contact Laika Earthkeeper at 574-226-6435 for more information!