Ruthmere Museum Campus Opening Day and Beardsley Neighborhood Day



On Saturday, April 1st, mere is hosting the f annual Beardsley Neighborhood Day! On our Opening Day for 2023, we invite our neighbors from throughout the Beardsley Historic District to visit the Ruthmere Quilt Garden Green for a meet and greet celebration

Schedule of Events:

  • 10am-11am -- Beardsley Neighborhood Spring Cleanup Walk. Meet at Havilah Beardsley House, divide into teams and pick up light trash within the neighborhood for one hour.
  • Coffee, gloves, trash bags and light trash haul away is provided free of charge to all who help.
  • 11am-3pm  -- Get to Know Your Neighbors Party. Food/Info Tent, Kids Bounce House, Nelson's Golden Glow Chicken and a vegan option from Moringa Tree (food available while supplies last--we are getting 600 half chickens). 2pm -- Announcement of NEW Beardsley Neighborhood Curb Appeal Micro Grant Program beginning 2023-24.  Learn about goals and how to app
  • LOCATION will be at Ruthmere's Quilt Garden Green (immediately east of Ruthmere Mansion, parking at First Presbyterian Church).

Meet Neighbors & Representatives From:

- Ruthmere Museum

Wellfield Botanic Gardens

Elkhart City Parks

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Elkhart Boys & Girls Club

Indiana Landmarks

and more!

If you wish to contribute to the success of the Beardsley Neighborhood Day by becoming a financial sponsor, please contact Bill Firstenberger at or (574) 264-0330 ext. 105.

Read more about our program sponsorship opportunities here.