Hooked Like Helen is the recent recipient of several prestigious accolades in the independent music scene: Nikki and Jon were honored with Duo Of The Year and EP Of The Year at the 6th and 7th annual Josie Music Awards respectively, boasting a total of 9 nominations in multiple categories of the largest independent award show in the world. “Liar” was recently named a winner in the distinguished International Songwriting Competition for the second consecutive year, following wins in two categories in ISC’s sister competition, Unsigned Only in 2020.
The panel of judges included Charli XCX, Robert Smith and Grouplove among other well-respected industry legends.Hooked Like Helen’s Tragedy Of Physics EP has been decorated with acclaim by several leading music publications.
The first single, “No Turning Back”, was premiered by CLASH Magazine who praised it as “a soaring, vastly uplifting piece of bouncy, addictive alt-pop”. The EP’s 2nd single, “Tear This Place Apart”, premiered via the highly influential UK-based The Line Of Best Fit and received rave reviews from the magazine.
Hooked Like Helen’s sound embodies a unique vein of alternative music; dark lyrical themes of unresolved trauma and existential pondering provide a refreshingly authentic perspective.
The rawness of Nikki’s voice pulls the listener through heavy subject matter on a vessel of commercially friendly sonic sensibilities.
This stark juxtaposition of darkness and light creates a sort of musical chemical reaction that lingers on the mind long after the first listen.
A lush universe of layered harmonies and intricately woven polyphony carry us through a chaotic and sad world view but leave us almost inexplicably with a sense of hope.
The songs of Hooked Like Helen exist in a timeless, ageless vacuum in which melody reigns supreme.