Laurel & Hardy-Kimball Organ Silent Movie with Organist Clark Wilson



Experience an evening of timeless entertainment at the first installment of The Lerner Theatre’s 2024 Silent Film Series!

Immerse yourself in the golden era of cinema as renowned organist Clark Wilson performs a captivating selection of 4-5 short silent films featuring the legendary comedic duo, Laurel and Hardy.

The Lerner invites you to step back in time to the 1920s and witness the magic of these iconic films, brought to life by the enchanting melodies of The Lerner Theatre’s restored 1924 Kimball Organ played live during the movie selections. The magnificent sound of this historic instrument will add a layer of nostalgia and authenticity for the audience, bringing them back to an era where live performance mixed with digital showings.

Join us for an evening of cinematic and musical mastery, where Laurel and Hardy’s timeless humor meets The Lerner Theatre’s historic Kimball Organ. This set of Silent Films will be a unique and unforgettable look into the heart of classic cinema, a celebration of laughter, music, and the enduring legacy of two of Hollywood’s most beloved icons.