Late Night Live! Hooked Like Helen



Hooked Like Helen is currently working in their home studio, preparing a new EP for release in summer 2021, produced entirely by Nikki Stipp.

The duo’s sound embodies a unique vein of pop music; Nikki’s haunting, layered harmonies and lush vocal arrangements create a surreal atmosphere of simultaneous melancholy and hope, dissonance, and resolve.

Dark lyrical themes of existential pondering provide an eerie contrast to HLH’s sonic sensibilities in a timeless, ageless context in which melody reigns supreme.

Piano hooks, intricate, rhythmic bass lines, and driving beats carry the songs of Hooked Like Helen through a slightly sad world view, always with a groove and a constant sense of Pop.


Lerner Theatre

  • 410 South Main St., Elkhart, IN 46514