Free Movie: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax



Join us in the Miller Auditorium at Goshen Theater on March 8, 2024, for our FREE MOVIE NIGHT showing of “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” at 7PM!
Twelve-year-old Ted (Zac Efron) lives in a place virtually devoid of nature; no flowers or trees grow in the town of Thneedville.
Ted would very much like to win the heart of Audrey (Taylor Swift), the girl of his dreams, but to do this, he must find that which she most desires: a Truffula tree.
To get it, Ted delves into the story of the Lorax (Danny DeVito), once the gruff guardian of the forest, and the Once-ler (Ed Helms), who let greed overtake his respect for nature.
Rated: PG
Run Time: 1h 26m
Admission to this event is free, but donations are encouraged.
Seating is limited.
Doors open at 6:15pm, and the bar and concession stand will be open.
This event is sponsored by The Community Foundation of Elkhart County