Boys High School National Rugby Championship

  • 1500 Co Rd 6, Elkhart, IN
  • Presented By: Elkhart Moose Rugby Grounds
  • Dates: 5/23/2024, 5/24/2024, 5/25/2024
  • Location: Elkhart Moose
  • Time: Time varies depending on date



High school teams can apply to participate starting in January, 2024 (see the Boys HS National Championships landing page on Goff Rugby Report for updates>>). 

Successful applicants have a history of success on the field, and can demonstrate the ability to travel in strength. Teams who are unsure about their season are encouraged to apply—if things don’t go the way you hope you can always withdraw your application, but if you’re better than you expected, you cannot apply after the deadline and expect to be accepted.

Lauded as one of the best playing surfaces for rugby in the USA, and possibly the very best, the Moose Rugby Grounds features four full-size rugby fields on perfectly level grass surfaces. This rugby-dedicated venue hosted over 150 rugby games in the 2022-23 season and showed no visible wear. Constant care and attention means the grass fields are just that—grass, not weeds, not bare dirt. 

Natural grass surfaces lined exclusively for rugby makes for a better rugby experience for the players, keeps players comfortable even in hot weather, and helps mitigate injury frequency. Full control of the venue by the owners means that the only reason games won’t be held would be because of lightning or dangerous temperatures.