Beyond Wedgewood Blue



Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795) built a pottery empire in Staffordshire, England that, to this day, remains at the forefront of the global ceramics industry. When we hear the name “Wedgwood” we tend to think of that innovative pale blue Jasperware that has defined the company for over 250 years. But Wedgwood is so much more!

In this original Ruthmere Museum special exhibit Beyond Wedgwood Blue we have assembled a stunning collection of Wedgwood ceramics from around the world representing a wide variety of styles, shapes, and uses. Of course, visitors will still see many fine examples of Jasperware that made Wedgwood famous, but one will also encounter rare pieces of black basalt statuary, drab gray stoneware, multi-color majolica, Queen-approved creamware, unglazed buff caneware, and iridescent lustreware from the famous designer Daisy Makeig-Jones. Some pieces are strictly ornamental such as vases, plaques, busts, and tablets made to sit on mantels and impress guests. Others, like teapots, plates, clocks, candlesticks, and jewelry, had a specific function, enhanced and embellished by Wedgwood artisans.

 American history and Wedgwood history are finely interwoven, as evidenced by Josiah Wedgwood's interests in the American Revolution and the Western anti-slavery movement. From the beginning, Wedgwood has incorporated American-specific commemorative wares into its marketing plan. Beyond Wedgwood Blue explores how American themes and national heroes made their way into Wedgwood's range of products, and in turn how American tastes influenced Wedgwood designs.

 Join us from July 6-September 30, 2021, at the Havilah Beardsley House on Ruthmere Campus for Beyond Wedgwood Blue and experience ceramics as never before.

  Special Programs and Events related to this exhibit include:

June 24 EOQ Cocktails - Exhibit Sneak Peak Preview 5-7 pm - Beer Tasting from Wedgewood Brewery of Middlebury
July 6 Special Exhibit Opening Day and Evening Reception Members Event 6-7:30pm - Havilah Beardsley House
July 10 All Ceramics & Pottery Fair 10am-3pm - Ruthmere Gardens
Sept 30 EOQ Cocktails - Exhibit Closing Event - Auction Preview 5-7pm - Havilah Beardsley House


Havilah Beardsley House

  • 302 E. Beardsley Ave., Elkhart, IN 46514