Amish Acres Arts and Crafts Festival



With all of the changes we have experienced in our daily lives due to the COVID-19 mitigation efforts, we simply could not be more excited for our 58th annual Arts & Crafts Festival to arrive in August. 

Nothing could sound better than a four day, outdoor event filled with the unique and attractive offerings of the finest artisans and craftsmen from around the country - not to mention fantastic food and beverage creations from our very own LaSalle Farm & Table. 

There truly is no better setting for artisans to showcase their talents than our time-tested Arts & Crafts Festival that has run for almost 6 decades.  In the middle of pristine Amish Country, surrounded by historic barns and filled with the sense of quality that middle America is known for, Amish Acres' Arts & Crafts Festival is the ideal spot to set up shop and enjoy a festival experience like no other.