Oh boy, it seems like wintery weather may actually get here. With a warmer than usual start, it’s been a little difficult for snow lovers, like myself. Over the Christmas holiday many kids probably opened snow related gifts that they can’t wait to use.

If Santa brought ice skates, the NIBCO Ice/Water park in downtown Elkhart is a great place to try them out. The ice rink has on-ice helpers to assist beginners and remind seasoned skaters of the rules for safe skating. More

For those little and big kids who received a sled or toboggan the county parks are the perfect place to try them out. Both Ox Bow and Bonneyville Mill have ample sledding hills for the beginners and old timers I usually go to Bonneyville Mill because its closet to where I live. Also, its free. A price that can’t be beat for unlimited plummets down their two hills. The county parks also provide toasty warm shelters by the sledding hills-- perfect to sip a thermos of hot chocolate and warm-up chilly fingers and toes. More

And after sledding or skating a hot meal might be the perfect ending to a fun day. For me, this is the best time of year to enjoy a hearty country style feast with pie of course. But there are lots of options in Amish Country. The selection is wide so you decide. More

Tell us about your favorite outdoor winter activity.