As an interior designer, people are constantly asking me about color. Deciding what colors you want to live with every day can seem like a daunting task. Perhaps you like red, but it takes a brave person to dive right in and paint their entire room red! But it's also boring to leave everything neutral. So how do you determine what colors are right for you? And once you decide on a color palate, how do you incorporate it into your home? My advice is to always start small and experiment.

Rather than paint the entire room red, why not start with just one focal wall? This allows you to live with it for a while and see how it makes you feel. You don't want to invest in large purchases that you may tire of, so steer away from colored sofas or headboards. Instead go for neutral colors on your large pieces and add in pops of color with accessories, pillows, and art. As you experiment with different colored accessories, you'll notice what works in the space and what doesn't.

Stone Soup EmporiumTo me, books are the perfect accessory to any room. Whenever I'm out shopping, I always seem to pick up vintage books with beautifully colored bindings. A stack of vintage books on a side table instantly adds a pop of color and loads of personality to a space. While shopping at Stone Soup Emporium, a store in downtown Bristol, I found so many gorgeous old books in every hue imaginable! I could picture built-in shelves in a traditional home filled with vintage books of one color. For an updated look, I would stagger clusters of books with brightly colored bindings with clusters of black books. Why not stack a few on a side table to add height and color to a vignette?

Stone Soup EmporiumAt Stone Soup Emporium, I came across complete sets of books with many matching volumes as well as individual novels. Each room of this unique shop was loaded with funky finds at every price point. From furniture to accessories of every style, Stone Soup proved to be the perfect place to search for vibrant pieces. And of course, I had to stop at their ice cream counter for a scoop of peanut butter ice cream!

The lesson here is to not be afraid of color! With a minimal investment, you can add any and every color of the rainbow to your home. Whether on a shelf, table, or stacked on the floor by the bed, books are the perfect way to start your color journey. And if you're like me, the best part is the hunt! So get out there and start shopping to find the perfect hue for you! What are you waiting for?

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