Soup of Success is a job and life skills training program for women who are dealing with difficult life situations, making positive changes and striving toward self-sufficiency.  They work with consolers on life skills, community members on job training, and the Soup of Success staff on job skills.  Their main goal is moving women to self-empowerment.

One of the things that really impress me about this program is that the Soup of Success staff works very hard and devotes time to make sure that these women get the help, training and follow-up they need. The women involved have overcome great obstacles and their success is very important.

The job training component of the Soup of Success program involves learning how to operate a business.  The women are responsible for all aspects of the products that Soup of Success makes, from ordering the supplies to packaging the mixes.

Soup of Success is a program of Church Community Services. If you would like to help Soup of Success, you can purchase their products.  If you would like to donate, donations are always welcomed and needed.