Need last minute gifts, but no time to shop? Here are just a few places Elkhart County locals love with online stores offering great gifts for your loved ones.

Goertzen Pottery

Specializing in functional ceramics, one-of-a-kind wood fired pottery, internationally recognized kitchenware and exhibition pieces. Located inside the Old Bag Factory. Goertzen Pottery


Olympia Candy Kitchen

Regulars swear by the chocolate malts, hand-dipped candies, and breakfast & lunch specials at this 106-year-old, family-owned soda fountain & shop. Olympia Candy Kitchen


Soapy Gnome

Pampering products like hand-crafted soap and skin care feature all-natural ingredients. Soapy Gnome


Amish Acres

Many handmade crafts and locally produced products are featured in Amish Acres’ unique shops. In addition you will find a bakery full of old fashioned breads and cakes, a meat and cheese shop with souse, headcheese and buffalo meat, and a candy shop as sweet as it gets along with an antique marble soda fountain. Amish Acres

Das Dutchman Essenhaus

Originally homestead buildings, these five quaint gift shops have been renovated and now exist as a charming collection of gift shops. Featuring: inspirational gifts, framed artwork, games, lake, coastal and lodge-inspired décor, unique handbags, jewelry, quilts, fragrances, clothing, handcrafted Amish furniture and much more. Das Dutchman Essenhaus


Das Dutchman Essenhaus Village Shops

Wakarusa Dime Store

Try the world-famous Jumbo Jelly Beans that come from a candy store celebrating over 100 years of sweetness. Wakarusa Dime Store


Bella's Boutique

Clothing and gifts. Bella’s Boutique.

Discover more artisans’ shops, boutiques and small-town stores with merchandise you won’t find anywhere else.

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