The RV brought them here, but Grand Design RV enthusiasts Chad and Tara ended up being big fans of Elkhart County.

“A lot of towns you drive through on the Heritage Trail remind me of my childhood,” said Tara, who grew up in rural Ohio.

She and her husband, Chad, enjoyed a scenic motorcycle ride while they were visiting.

“It was just a beautiful ride. It was peaceful,” she said.

One-time residents of Tampa, Fla., but now full-time RVers, Chad and Tara came to Elkhart County to immerse themselves fully in the Grand Design RV experience.

Early in 2018, they said hello to the RV lifestyle after buying the Grand Design RV Momentum and began traveling the U.S. The couple researched RV models extensively before settling on Grand Design for its build quality.

They were so impressed and satisfied with their purchase that they wanted to visit Grand Design’s factory and get an inside look at how their RV was made. They documented the visit on their YouTube channel, Changing Lanes.

Watch Chad and Tara’s tour of Grand Design and Elkhart County’s Heritage Trail:

Chad and Tara gushed about the scenic rural vistas and their chance encounters with horses and buggies.

They loved Elkhart County so much that they came back for a Grand Design owners’ rally at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds.

“We were told that we had to go to The Chief to have ice cream,” Tara said.

Grand Design rally organizers put together a motorcycle tour of the area, but while Chad and Tara joined for part of it, they broke off to return to Goshen for another tour, this one of Goshen’s own hand-made motorcycle manufacturer.

Here’s Chad and Tara’s motorcycle ride and tour of Janus Motorcycles:

After getting a VIP tour from Janus co-founder Richard Worsham, Chad and Tara were impressed.

“If we had the space and money to throw away, it would be fun to have a motorcycle like that. It would be a cool showpiece,” Tara said.

Hope you make it back here to Elkhart County!

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