When I was a kid I really liked westerns and always wanted to play cowboys. I still enjoy a good classic western whenever they come on TV. I especially like those scenes where the good guy wanders into the saloon; his boots thumping on the wood floor as he saunters to the bar, the bar tender perpetually cleaning a glass with rag as he gives the stranger the “stink eye.”

I know cowboy life today is nothing like that . But recently I discovered a place in downtown Bristol that brought back memories of those old westerns.  Bonnie & Clyde’s Soda Shop in the Stone Soup Emporium is a fun trip down memory lane. The Stone Soup Emporium has a rich history as one of the oldest buildings in Bristol. The old-fashioned soda fountain sits on one side of the room. The hardwood floors creak beneath your feet as you head over to the stools to sit down and place your order. The “soda jerk” may be wiping out a glass, but he’s looking up giving you a smile – never the “stink eye”.  More

Last time I was in I chatted with the friendly operator, Paul, who told me that the Stone Soup Emporium was planning on having live bands play there on Saturday. They would also be offering sandwiches and of course a full line of soda, floats, and ice cream during the events. He pointed to the corner of the shop which had a raised section of flooring where the performers would be. My mind went to those old westerns and I could imagine cowboys gathered at the tables tapping their boots to the rhythm of the music and drinking sassafras sodas. More

I think I’ll mosey over there some Saturday and enjoy the entertainment while thinking about those old cowboy movies.  I might even order a  “Brown Cow.”

Where do you go to celebrate the past?