May is National Hamburger Month!

It’s the perfect time for me to talk about a few of my favorite burger joints here in Amish Country. Just about any place can put a piece of beef between bread. I’m talking about places that offer a little more to make a lot better burger.

McCarthy's in Elkhart is a great burger joint & pub!  If you're looking for the kind of hamburger like Mom used to make, this is the place. And not only do the burgers taste great, they go perfectly with any one of McCarthy’s sides & drinks. When the weather is nice you can enjoy their outdoor seating near Elkhart's Riverwalk.

Prepare yourself for larger than normal patties at Chicago’s Downtown Eatery in Bristol! The price is right and the flavor is HUGE. Locals rave about Chicago’s pizza, but don’t forget about these tasty unsung heroes at this eatery.

A lot of people enjoy Elkhart’s Cracker Barrel restaurant’s legendary homemade breakfasts and lunch items. If you didn’t already know, let me be the first to recommend their hamburgers too. Their burgers are done right. And with all the side dish options Cracker Barrel offers, if you leave hungry it’s by your own choice. I really enjoy their baked beans as my side choice. It may sound a little different, but it works!

So do you have a favorite place to celebrate National Hamburger Month?

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