Aunt Karen's Cafe in Middlebury, INSometimes in the course of human events, it becomes important to watch the waist line. And for me, that time is now! The holidays, the super bowl, and winter weather keeps me inside the house and the fridge. Spring inspires me to examine my girth. And after critical review, I have decided to tighten up, slim down and eat less. My challenge is I love Amish Country bakeries, pastries, candies, and mashed potato laden meals.

I sometimes dread thinking about eating more sensibly and mistakenly think that means less food, less flavor, less enjoyment at meal time. Although I must confess it is entirely possible to eat well and not surrender any taste. I’ve come to learn that there are plenty of light and delicious eating options available in Amish Country too. Check out our options!

I have compiled some selections of places that serve items on the lighter side and all taste great! And if you’re one of the lucky ones not worrying about an expanding girth, these eateries serve up terrific grub that shouldn’t be missed!

b on the River downtown Elkhart, INb on the River -  This cozy spot with a scenic view along the RiverWalk in downtown Elkhart serves up tasty café fare. Daily specials made fresh. After a bite, burn some calories along the RiverWalk traversing the Elkhart and St. Joseph Rivers.


Aunt Karen’s Café - Located in Middlebury, not far from downtown. This spotless, friendly  eatery makes some “can’t miss” salads and savory soups.  Plus they offer sandwiches and specials sure to please any discerning palate.

Mattern’s Butcher Shop- This downtown Goshen dine-in delicatessen and butcher shop is Mattern's Butcher Shop and Deli, Goshen, INhoused in a renovated corner building and boasts all natural-fed meats, poultry and fresh wild caught seafood with no supplemented growth hormones, added steroids or by-products. Healthy, fresh, safe and TASTY food.

I almost forgot to mention that it’s National Nutrition Month too. Find out more So now you have another reason to watch what you eat and treat your body right. Just don’t neglect those taste buds and enjoy some delicious food in Amish Country.

What is your favorite place to eat on the lighter side?