If you grew up living in or near the countryside, I bet you’ve been stuck in mud once or twice. When I was a kid my friends and I frequented a bog, and I remember a time that both my feet were planted so deeply in the mud I couldn’t move. My friend cried out ”WAKARUSA!” and boomed with laughter. It wasn’t till much later that I learned what he was referring to that day.

Legend has it that the town of Wakarusa, IN got its name from a Native American term for ‘knee deep in mud’. That term certainly doesn’t apply today as Wakarusa is a lovely little Amish Country community. Similar in size to Bristol, Wakarusa features much of the same small town charm. Friendly shop owners and little local diners contribute to the appeal.

Take time to visit Wakarusa. You won’t find much mud, but you will find an appealing town filled with friendly people, interesting shops  and fun places. More

What do you enjoy about Wakarusa?