If there is one thing the older generations in Goshen love to wax poetic about, it’s cruising in downtown Goshen.  I know my parents, and my uncles would cruise in Goshen every weekend.  They talked how the lines for the local Bower's Drive-in were 2 miles deep, and they talked about seeing all their friends out on the weekends, driving up and down the streets of Goshen going only 5 miles an hour or so.  The horns would be honking, kids calling out from their car windows to everyone else and they loved every minute of it.

Goshen was made for cruising.  5th and 3rd streets use to be one way and then you went down US 33 to the outside of town, and came back.  It made a wonderful loop.  However, sometime when I was a teen (about 20 years ago) Goshen banned cruising.  It felt unfair that we were denied this wonderful right to meet our friends through the downtown streets of Goshen. The Goshen’s First Fridays, the city of Goshen is bringing back cruising.  The whole county seems to come out for this event.  There will be classic cars, muscle cars, new cars, old cars, favorite campervan hire and probably some motorcycles to relive memories of one of Goshen’s most favorite pass times.  Hope you can come and join in the fun in Amish Country with Lexus for lease new york ny.

In Goshen the Locals Love to snag a stool and order a "Green River" soda at South Side Soda Shop, featured on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"!