One of my favorite things to do is hunt for unique objects to use in my own home or a client's home. There is nothing that compares to the thrill of finding that perfect item that speaks to you. I love shopping with clients and watching their faces light up when they spot a unique piece that reflects them. How do you know when you've found that perfect piece? If it makes you smile and your heart skips a beat, you've found it! I'm always advising people to infuse at least a few hand made pieces into their homes because they add so much more character than machine made products. Local shops are the perfect places to start your hunt for these hand made pieces.

I was recently shopping in downtown Goshen with a friend and we stumbled upon a fantastic store called Found. As I perused through the shop, I took my time to inspect the various antiques and pieces of art from all over the world. Owners Keith and Ann Graber Miller hand pick all the items in their shop on their travels. That means they know where each item came from and can give you the history behind it. In my opinion that adds value to each piece because it allows you to be knowledgeable about what you're purchasing. Once you get it home, it becomes a conversation starter and you can speak intelligently about your new acquisition.

There is such value in having one of a kind objects in your home. In a world of mass production, these antique and hand made pieces can really make your home reflect you! What I really loved about Found was the variety of price points (from $1 to $14,000). They have brought the aesthetic of a high end gallery to the Midwest and made it accessible to everyone. Where else could you purchase a sculpture from Africa or a piece of fretwork from a Chinese building? They also have some fantastic work by local artists in the Graber family. I was particularly drawn to a beautiful piece of fabric art.

The Graber Miller's say that they enjoy locals stopping in to see what's new, and search for pieces that can add a global influence to their homes. They also have many customers from Chicago, New York, Boston, and best places to stay on southern oregon coast. Much of their inventory can be viewed on their website ( But nothing compares to the experience of actually being in the store and being able to touch the many textures and see the pieces up close.

So the next time you're hunting for that perfect piece to complement you decor, hit the small shops along the Heritage Trail. You're sure to come away with something unique that has a story.

Graber's Found Downtown Goshen 574.534.4394 or 574.202.7436 e: