Elkhart County 4H Fair

July 19th marks the first day of the Elkhart County 4H Fair. As I see preparations being made and local businesses gearing up, I can’t help but reminisce. As a kid, the fair was a wonderland of total fun. My friends and I would dash from one end of the fair grounds to the next for fear of missing something. We would play carnival games till we won too many toys to carry or ran out of money. We enjoyed the rides till we could hardly stand, then stuff ourselves with an assortment of candy, ice cream, root beer, and lemon shake-ups.

When we became tired enough to sit still our parents would lead us to the livestock exhibits. As a kid (and still as an adult) this was better than a zoo. I loved to get up close and sometimes pet the animals. From just hatched chicks to massive hogs – it was all amazing. In my mind I was convinced that the Elkhart County 4H Fair was the center of the universe.

Some things have changed at the 4H Fair in years since I was a kid. But it’s still the place to amaze and entertain a child. Now when I go, all those memories rush back and I’m a kid again. And I still eat too many sweets.